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About Text fragment extractor tool online

A simple, efficient and free online tool to quickly extract text fragment of your desired length from the given text online.


  1. Enter or paste the text in the Enter text text area.
  2. Provide the starting index and length of the fragment.
  3. Select if the fragment is to be taken out from each-line.
  4. Click on Extract button to see the result in the Result text text area.

Sample Input

OneCompiler is a free online compiler. 
It helps users to write, run and share code online for more than 40 programming languages.
It includes all popular languages like Java, Python, C, C++, NodeJS, Javascript, Groovy, Jshell & HTML.

Sample Output

consider starting-index is given as 22 and fragment-length as 15 without selecting each-line-fragment. Then the output is as below

online compiler

Each-line-fragment output is as follows if selected

online compiler
e, run and shar
r languages lik

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