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JSON Formatter

JSON Escape

JSON UnEscape

JSON Minify

JSON to XML online

XML Tools

XML Formatter

XML Minify

WEB Tools

CSS Formatter

CSS Minify

HTML Formatter

HTML Minify


SQL Formatter

SQL Minify


ASCII Text to Binary Converter


URL Encoder

URL Decoder

URL Parser


Base64 Encoder

Base64 Decoder


MD5 Hash Generator

RIPEMD-160 Hash Generator

SHA1 Hash Generator

SHA224 Hash Generator

SHA256 Hash Generator

SHA384 Hash Generator

SHA512 Hash Generator

SHA3 Hash Generator

HmacMD5 Hash Generator

HmacRIPEMD-160 Hash Generator

HmacSHA1 Hash Generator

HmacSHA224 Hash Generator

HmacSHA256 Hash Generator

HmacSHA384 Hash Generator

HmacSHA512 Hash Generator

HmacSHA3 Hash Generator

Pbkdf2 Hash Generator


Decimal To Binary

Decimal To Octal

Decimal To HexaDecimal

Decimal To RomanNumerical

Decimal To Scientific Notation

Binary To Decimal

Binary To Octal

Binary To HexaDecimal

Binary To RomanNumerical

Binary To Scientific Notation

Octal To Decimal

Octal To Binary

Octal To HexaDecimal

Octal To RomanNumerical

Octal To Scientific Notation

HexaDecimal To Decimal

HexaDecimal To Octal

HexaDecimal To Binary

HexaDecimal To RomanNumerical

HexaDecimal To Scientific Notation

RomanNumerical To Binary

RomanNumerical To Decimal

RomanNumerical To Octal

RomanNumerical To HexaDecimal

RomanNumerical To Scientific Notation

Scientific Notation To Decimal

Scientific Notation To Octal

Scientific Notation To Binary

Scientific Notation To RomanNumerical

Scientific Notation To HexaDecimal


Uppercase to lowercase Converter online

Lowercase to uppercase Converter online

Titlecase converter online

Camelcase converter online

Replace Space with Newline online

Number of lines counter

Number of words counter

Number of characters counter

Number of spaces counter

Number of commas counter

Number of dot periods counter

Number of uppercase letters counter

Number of lowercase letters counter

String length finder

Multiline to Singleline converter

String to Hex converter

Hex to String converter

Remove empty lines

Remove duplicate lines

Reverse string online

Replace double quotes with single quotes online

Replace single quotes with double quotes online

Swap single quotes and double quotes online

Swap the case of each character of a string online

Lexicographic Ascending or Descending Sort Online

Remove Beginning or Trailing N Characters Eachline Online

Text Repeater n times with optional delimeter Online

Truncate text tool Online

Random case text Online

Left pad text Online

Right pad text Online

Trim text Online

Right align text Online

Center align text Online

Add prefix to text Online

Add suffix to text Online

Filter text Online

Add line numbers to text Online

Remove line numbers to text Online

Extract text from HTML Online

Create palindrome with given text Online

Remove punctuations from given text Online

Flip your text vertically Online

Slash text escaper tool Online

Slash text un-escaper tool Online

Extract only numbers from text Online

Strip HTML tags from text online

Strip XML tags from text online

Text fragment extractor tool online

Replace First N Characters with String in eachline tool

DATE Tools

Days between two given dates online tool

Add/Subtract days to a given date online tool

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